About Us

About Us OUR COMMITMENT: Personalized "attention Overcoming the expectations of each one of our clients" We look for the permanent satisfaction in our clients, based on our planned work and organized that interrelate it with each one of our workspaces, this way to have the total trust of our clients, and that starting from here from now on leading the tourist market that is only generated through permanent innovations by means of the efficiency and excellence in the service. All that we achieve and we will achieve it is thanks to the permanent concern and support of each one of the members of our company, a team of professionals permanently enabled to complete this challenge. DEPARTMENT RECEPTIVE DE TOURISM We promote the beauty of our country around the world. The tranquillity that our clients require when trusting to carry out them their assure but yearned dreams of to travel and to enjoy. We design programs and we operate products diversified as Conventional Tourism, Intern, of Adventure, Trips of Incentive and of Special Interest, always with the answer guarantee to the moment. The strict control and in the whole operations and the permanent and direct communication with our clients that allow us to know closely and to overcome their expectations. GUIDES OF ADVENTURE PROGRAMS Personal select, enabled and experienced in walks as much in mountain as in forest that make of the client a person that not only has an exclusive purpose of knowing the place that visits but to enjoy it being taken an unforgettable experience in all the routes to travel. TRANSPORT we offer total security and also the guarantee that is necessary making that the distances are but you cut, and always with our excellence commitment in the service. For we have it a fleet of modern units that you/they offer him/her total comfort.
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